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MBoard has been formulated to function effectively for numerous packaging applications; particularly, for conditions involving top-to-bottom load compression.

· This product is engineered for best performance when stacking strength is needed, as contrasted with side-wall bursting strength.
· Functions within industry tolerance of edge crush performance criteria for conventional 200# test cartons.
· Ideal for packaging light-weight products, self-supporting products (i.e. "can-packs", "bottle-packs", etc.), or interleaving applications.
· Excellent board performance and value when used in connection with inner packaging products (void fill, etc.).
MBoard is currently available in 32 ECT Kraft C Flute, printed (one color, limited coverage), or plain.

For conditions relating to variable climate changes, MBoard is also available with the added attributes of the exclusive "WEATHER" formulation, which reduces the sensitivity of corrugated to humidity, while maintaining all of its mechanical, optical and printable qualities.